Quantity Surveyors based in Timaru

Relm Quantity Surveyors was established in 2013 offering Quantity Surveying services across New Zealand. With so much at stake, so many choices, decisions, legislation’s… it makes sense to start with us. We offer more than a per square metre rate. A lot of factors affect the pricing of your construction project starting from foundations, local government rules, geographic areas, types of finishes and style of house to name a few. We break your building components down into a schedule, we measure and using our database of costings, calculate. In some instances we can also shop around for prices. With a QS estimate document in hand, you can commit to working drawings with confidence or tender your job knowing everyone is pricing the same thing, allowing the same standard of finish and products in your build.

Whether you have an idea sketched onto the back of a napkin, or final working drawings, we can be flexible to suit your requirements. We provide a collaborative and proactive approach to all of our projects and recognise the importance of every idea from the first consultation to the moment they turn the key.

Have a smooth design and build experience, thanks to quality cost estimates that you can rely on.

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